Safety at Work Regulations (work at heights), – 2007 defines:

Safety Net” – A net for the purpose of obstructing the falling of a height worker which is installed on a building or a facility, around or below it, and which above it a height work is being carried out.

Hazard Area” – An area above which a height work is being conducted, rappelling or climbing masts activity and on which any parts that might inflict damage to the body or to property might fall.

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“Octipus” specializes in installing innovational imported safety solutions for projects in the construction industry, for example – safety netting systems. 

Safety net – a modern means for the formation of a safety mantle made usually from highly condensed polyethylene ropes entwined specifically to create a designated mesh. The mesh, which possesses a high durability against tearing up, prevents the transferring of objects. Our safety nets, which comply with the severe EN-1263-1 standard, can be installed in various configurations according to on-site constraints and characteristics of the specific work.

Octipus works with all manufacturers of safety systems but is not committed to a particular manufacturer. Therefore, it can offer its customers the most suitable solution in relation to their work requirements and budget.


Advantages of protection nets for preventing falls from height compared to other protection systems:

  1. One safety net protects a large number of workers.
  2. A safety net obviates the need for a harness and other safety systems, which are connected to the worker.
  3. A protection net that is also adapted for protection against falling objects, combines a number of needs in one solution.

Most safety nets used in construction are shading nets designed for concealing the activity around the building and for preventing dispersion of dust to the surrounding area. These kinds of nets are:

  1. Extremely weak.
  2. Easily losing durability.
  3. Do not protect workers from falling accidents.
  4. do not protect from falling objects.

Construction sites might pose a hazard for workers and by-passers in the area. More than half of Israeli industrial accidents are height falling related and most are fatal. Therefore, we provide construction sites with a durable and long standing safety solution which prevents both body and property damages.

There is a wide variety of safety nets for construction sites that can be ordered according to custom requirements:

  1. Vertical safety net – a safety net installed vertically and adjacent to the building with the purpose to prevent the falling of people and objects.
  2. A vertical safety net can also be installed at different distances from a building. The installation will be carried out in accordance with the construction on which it will be installed, in a way that will delimit the construction area with the purpose of preventing objects from falling or being thrown outside the perimeter, thus inflicting damage to by-passers or property. Distancing the net from the building also enables working on the building’s fronts with suspended scaffold, elevators, etc.
  3. Horizontal safety net – a safety net installed on the basis of metal poles or console beams constructions with the purpose to prevent the falling of people and objects.

Smart and effective restraining for safe construction sites:

  1. When relying on an inflexible surface to restrain falling in a construction site, the protection achieved is far from maximal. When an object falls – its kinetic energy might cause it to pierce the surface and continue falling. Alternatively, the falling object might shatter and its fragments might fall further (in case of heavy and breakable objects like a concrete block). A safety net, on the other hand, absorbs this kinetic energy, sinks and stretches to restrain the falling of the object or its parts without bouncing back outside the perimeter.

Quality, Professionalism, Liability

Our safety nets are being installed by skilled, certified and professional teams complying all applicable standards. Each team is supervised by a senior rappelling manager. “Octipus” works only with advanced nets which passed material strength inspection by the Standards Institution of Israel. These nets, which excel in durability, are manufactured according to the required load from 500 Kg to 2.4 ton (depending of the project type and the specified netting system).

We can provide an additional denser net to the primary safety net for the purpose of catching smaller objects like concrete splatter, gravel, nails etc.

The company places all of its knowledge and experience to suite our clients. We see great significance in providing a reliable, efficient and personal service while ensuring high standard performance and meeting schedule requirements.

We will be happy to be at your service with the upmost and safest solution.


Ari Telberg

Octipus Ltd.

There is no compromise on the safety of your employees.
There is no alternative to human life.