About us


My name is Ari Talberg and I am the owner and manager of Octipus Ltd.

Octipus is a well-known rescue company with an excellent reputation among many industrial plants in Israel. I founded the company in 2007 aiming to give a professional rescue solution without compromising quality. Our solutions are performed by some of the best skilled professionals on the market.

The company is known for its prompt availability to its customers, meeting schedules and providing courteous and professional service.

Among our advantages:

Training, coaching and practice:

All Octipus rescue employees have relevant credentials and certificates such as: Rope Access Technician, Mast climbers, Height work instructors, Scaffolding installers, Safety Managers, Firefighters, Medics and more.

Many of our employees are veterans of professional f.e. 669, TAGACH, etc.

Octipus rescue employees undergo a weekly training at various sites to ensure their readiness for any case of rescue in any weather.

In addition, we train safety managers among our employees in order to create skilled and professional teams with reliable leadership.

This way Octipus ensures that employees are ready for any task, both mentally and physically.

Fields of activity:

Works at height

rescue services

Advanced equipment:

The company works with all manufacturers. Therefore, it can select for each task the most suitable equipment available on the market and if necessary import it from anywhere in the world.

We equip our rescue employees with the most sophisticated and advanced equipment available.

For each mission, we match professional equipment that will work best in any rescue scenario.

Advice and guidance:

Octipus provides its clients professional advice and guide lines on safety matters to ensure a safe execution of tasks and projects.

Among Our Clients:

The company provides services to a variety of clients including international and domestic contractors, many industries and individuals. Among our customers:

We will be happy to be at your service with the upmost and safest solution.


Ari Telberg

Octipus Ltd.