Confined space – a place that is not intended for human habitation. The entrance and exits from these spaces are limited therefore, the ability to evacuate (if necessary) is significantly challenging.

Many outlines meet the definition of a confined space: boilers, tanks, silos, sewers, pipes, etc. The dangers are many and varied, depending on the type of outline in which one operates.

Unfortunately, many workers are injured and killed each year in confined space activities. Due to the complexity of the rescue, the estimated number of deaths among the non skilled rescuers are about 60%.

In order to prevent the above, risks associated with a confined work space must be effectively anticipated and addressed. It is mandatory to carry out risk assessments and risk control plans for the space designated for the job. The specific safety regulations of the work site where the designated space is located must be observed.

If it is not possible to turn the confined space into a safe work area after taking strict safety precautions, do not enter its area. It is imperative to redesign the work and arrive at a solution that will allow activity in the safest way. Do not take this issue lightly!

Octipus specializes in a very wide range of confined space evacuation work, including particularly high-risk spaces such as:

Octipus specializes in managing and implementing a safe environment for workers who are inside the confined space:

We have advanced equipment that allows us to perform our work with minimum risk and maximum success. The equipment includes:

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