“Octipus” works with a wide range of scaffolding which are designated for its projects, rental and sale.

Types of scaffolding:

Mechanized suspended scaffolding:

A mechanized suspended scaffolding is a motorized electrical scaffold that ascends and descends on steel cables anchored to a building’s roof


  1. Quick passage between work stations, which allows great flexibility.
  2. High loading carrying.
  3. Optional adjustment of the scaffold to the desired working surface.
  4. Working area is clear below the scaffolding, leaving no disruption to other activities at the work site.
  5. Installationinmanylocations.

Mechanized mast scaffolding:

A mechanized mast scaffolding is a motorized electric work platform that moves vertically on a mast (pillar).


  1. constructed quickly.
  2. High load carrying ability.
  3. The scaffold floor can be adjusted to the desired working surface.
  4. Allows work on several levels simultaneously.


Common uses for the two types of mechanized scaffolding:

    1. In the construction field.
    2. Cladding works of marble, Aluminum and stone on the facades of buildings.
    3. Restoration of buildings.
    4. Industry – chimneys, water towers, power plants, wind turbines, etc.

Sentinel scaffolding:

Sentinel scaffolding is comprised of steel pipes and unique connectors assembled as a temporary modular construction.


  1. Accessibility at construction and industrial sites, compatibly with their needs.
  2. A wide range of construction options in a short time.
  3. Convenient and safe access.

We will be happy to be at your service with the upmost and safest solution.


Ari Telberg

Octipus Ltd.