Octipus employs skilled and professional rescue teams for all rescue needs, including underground rescue.

All Octipus rescue employees undergo a weekly training at various sites to ensure their readiness for any case of rescue in any weather.

This way Octipus ensures that employees are ready for any task, both mentally and physically.

Rescue services:

Advanced equipment:

We equip our rescue employees with the most sophisticated and advanced equipment available. Our equipment is known for its high durability and reliability, and therefore provides an excellent safety solution for its user.

For each mission, we match professional equipment that will work best in any rescue scenario.

For example:

Ashalim solar power plant (operated by the American company G.E) – Among the largest projects of Octipus is the site of the solar power plant in Ashalim. Octipus provides a comprehensive solution to all rescue scenarios required.

This project is considered to be one of the largest projects done in the country and it is characterized by extremely complex rescue work as well as a very high altitude of 250 meters.

Our company has provided a team of up to 16 rescuers. Our teams worked 24/7 and were ready to carry out a rescue operation within a very short time from the moment they were launched.

There had been many rescues carried out at Ashalim. All rescues were completed quickly and successfully.


We will be happy to be at your service with the upmost and safest solution.

Our job as a rescue team is first and foremost to be alert and anticipate accidents.
This way we prevent them even before they occur!