Work at Heights
Israeli Standard

At present, the GWO W@H certificate is not recognized in Israel.
By Israeli law, any person climbing to a height of over 2m or standing on a ledge of over 2m, needs to be certified according to Israeli law.

Work at heights certificate in Israel is divided into 8 subjects:


Here, at the Israeli Wind Turbine Center, we offer a minimum of three mandatory subjects (to those who have no previous certification):

With these three certifications you will have a minimal Israeli W@H certificate. This certification takes one day. If you would like, we would be happy to add a day and certify you in all subjects.

Any person who would like to be certified in GWO modules, here in Israel, must have a minimal Israel W@H certificate.

In addition, we offer an Israeli W@H refresher course to those holding an Israeli W@H certification for two years and need it renewed.