The occupational safety regulations at height, 2007, regulate the safety procedures of workers in this field. According to the regulations, any presence of a worker in an elevated place with no guardrail and where there is a danger of falling to a depth of 2 meters or more, will required the creation of another significant safety measure.

Life lines and anchoring points are the foundation to which an employee is connected and secured. In some locations, there is a legal requirement to install fixed anchoring points and lifelines while in other locations, it is possible to make do with temporary and mobile solutions. These systems are commonly used on pipe bridges, ladders, tankers, greenhouse roofs and more.

Life line systems and anchoring points allow two main things:


Octipus Ltd. specializes in creating these engineering solutions for height works while meeting the strict legal requirements of the State of Israel.

Octipus works with all manufacturers of safety systems but is not committed to a particular manufacturer. Therefore, it can offer its customers the most suitable solution in relation to their work requirements and budget.

We work according to a very strict working model:

The design of the safety system will include one or more of the following solutions:

We will be happy to be at your service with the upmost and safest solution.


Ari Telberg

Octipus Ltd.