Octipus specializes in height repairs of turbines located on the ground and at sea. Our skilled employees have the relevant international credentials in the field:

Wind turbines are a common source of green and renewable energy used to generate electricity. The turbine is equipped with large blades whose entire purpose is to create friction with the winds’ energy for the purpose of conversion to electrical energy. The unique structure of the blades (in the form of a propeller) allows the turbine to absorb the wind with maximum efficiency. The more wind the turbine absorbs; the more electricity it will generate.

The turbine is made of fibers and complex materials that allow it to withstand wind resistance in particular and natural damage in general. Despite the above, it is sometimes necessary to make repairs to the body of the turbine (pillar) and its blades, which are mainly due to the erosion of the forces of nature (winds, rains, hail, snow, heat, etc.).

Common types of repairs:

The quick repair of these damages, are of the paramount Importance.
Any delay* of these repairs may cause a number of chain problems:

Octipus operates and repairs wind turbines with the help of a professional and skilled team all over the world and with great success. We have extensive experience and knowledge (practical and theoretical) in the field.

We can provide a solution to any required problem.

We will be happy to be at your service with the upmost and safest solution.


Ari Telberg

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